Nov 13de Multicraft Theme Updates

Good Morning! 

Just couple more small updates and improvements for the day.

  • Multicraft Dark Theme console text and server A href text now updated.
  • SSL certs autorenew on Control Panel fixed.
  • Updated Paper MC Build  274
  • Added back support for Paper  1.16.3 & 1.15.2
  • Updated Bedrock editions NukkitX 1.0 B790

Nov 10de IP Re-stock (Chicago)

Just a quick announcement saying we got more IPv4's in our Chicago Minecraft location. you can purchase for $1.49/m so that players can connect directly to the IP as an example: connect to or play.minecrafthost.cainstead of a non-dedicated IP where players would connect on or play.minecrafthost.ca:25569   This can ... Les mer »

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