Multicraft Theme Updates

Good Morning! 

Just couple more small updates and improvements for the day.

  • Multicraft Dark Theme console text and server A href text now updated.
  • SSL certs autorenew on Control Panel fixed.
  • Updated Paper MC Build  274
  • Added back support for Paper  1.16.3 & 1.15.2
  • Updated Bedrock editions NukkitX 1.0 B790

13th Nov 2020
IP Re-stock (Chicago)

Just a quick announcement saying we got more IPv4's in our Chicago Minecraft location. you can purchase for $1.49/m so that players can connect directly to the IP as an example: connect to or play.minecrafthost.cainstead of a non-dedicated IP where players would connect on or   This can ... Read More »

10th Nov 2020
DNS giving you problems?


Yup that's right! free tools! So where happy to announce in works with Santite Networks we released a free to use DNS issue check tool that was meant to help both gaming server community and Santite Networks internet customer base.

9th Nov 2020
Minecraft server hosting in London UK now running!

Now Welcoming Minecraft server hosting in London!

you can now select the London location on the checkout page of your order.


For more questions please email!

8th Nov 2020
Now Minecraft hosting in Los Angeles!

We would like to welcome our latest server location in Los Angeles to our family!Simply select this server location from the drop down on the order page to deploy a server in Los Andeles!   If you have questions regarding this location or want to know information as always please send our support an email at or submit a ... Read More »

6th Nov 2020
Signup with Minecraft Host using your Google or Facebook account

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting account registrations using the Google & Facebook platform. This move was made in attempts to help members sign up faster and to keep their information secure. To use this feature on your next order simply login using your google account or your Facebook account.   If you have any issues ... Read More »

4th Nov 2020
New Updates & Additions to Multicraft!

Spigot 1.16.4 - Is now updated.

NukkitX 1.0 - Has now been installed.

Minecraft Velocity 1.1.0 - has now been installed.

PaperMC - 1.16.3 - unchanged

3rd Nov 2020
Thanks for choosing!

Welcome to

We think you made the right choice choosing us as your professional server host, and we want to help you get up and running as quickly as possible!

If you get stuck during purchase or encounter an issue launching a server please open a ticket or email us to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

1st Nov 2020

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