How much ram should I choose? Running a Minecraft Server

Choosing the right amount of Server RAM for your Minecraft server


If you've ever asked yourself "how much ram does spigot need"

Choosing the proper amount of ram for your Minecraft server is crucial. If you choose too little, this could leave your server crashing. Have too much ram and you'll have an excess of wasted paid resources. We answer this by breaking down our server plans, so you can buy Minecraft servers or resources in a more reasonable manner. Vanilla Minecraft will be our benchmark in our recommendations. However many more server packs and Minecraft Server Mods like FTB other wise known as Feed The Beast are also supported on the platform. Please note that this chart will be updated as results and tests come back and more data gets collected.

  Plugins Vanilla(no-plugins) Spigot/PaperMC(plugins) FTB Velocity
    Players Players    
512MB 0 up to 6 up to 5 0 per 500
1024MB up to 10 up to 10 up to 30 0  
2048MB up to 10 up to 24 up to 60 0  
3072MB up to 10 up to 36 up to 80 up to 5  
4096MB up to 15 up to 48 up to 150 up to 10  
5120MB up to 20 up to 60      
6144MB up to 20 up to 72      
8192MB up to 20 up to 96      
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